Hello and welcome to my blog. What I'm doing here is documenting my personal expression of "hands-on history" from a craftsman's perspective. I've been on this path for a large part of my life and it's taken me to some interesting and challenging places. I hope to share the processes and the historically inspired objects I've crafted along this journey into our past. This adventure has deepened my appreciation for past craftsmanship and the intelligence of common place things in Early America. Besides, now I have all this cool stuff to play (teach) with.

Jim Miller

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Never Knew I Could Inspire

Well, this certainly came out of the blue. Andrew of Victorian Tailoring has nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I am shocked. I never knew that I inspired anything except the wrath of the impatient. Thank you Andrew, you are one very inspiring self-taught tailor my friend. Keep it up !

To comply with the awarding process, you must

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                                        1.  I am a California native and love my State's
                                             rich history and natural beauty.

                                        2.  When people ask me if there's anything I can't make
                                              I reply, Yes.......money !
                                        3.   I'm happily married to a tolerant, like-minded woman.
                                        4.   I'm not really expert in anything but I do have a great

                                        5.   I know a little bit about a lot of things.

                                        6.   I'll always be in awe of the accomplishments of our

                                        7.   The older I get the more I realize there's not enough
                                   My 15 nominees for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award are : 

 Fishing for History  Dr. Todd's entertaining look at out collective fishing heritage.

 Commitment to Costumes   A visit to Sara's work as a Museum Professional but with tips on managing
   a personal collection. Very helpful.

 Robin's Egg Bleu   If you are going to do one thing, then do it well. This lady's replica Izannah Walker
   dolls are amazing. A total dedication to details.

 The Reverend's Big Blog of Leather  Medieval and later leatherwork with more than the usual
    "history nut" take on things. No surprise from the UK !

 Ready to Wear ( 1640's style)  Just what it sounds like. The Vicar doesn't post often but when he does
   it's always interesting. More fun from the UK !

 A Woodrunner's Diary  Keith has a very active 18th Century Living History blog from "down under".
   Excellent research and lots of info.

Bear Flag Museum  Bill's very active blog on all things Bear Flag. Ties to his online Bear Flag
   Museum. The ultimate source for those that need to know.

 Contemporary Makers   A great way to keep up-to-date with the best of historical arms craftsmen.
  Lots of eye candy thanks to Jan.

 Dressing the 1840's   My friend Chandra's pesonal devotion to "getting it right". In love with
   the 1840's (give or take) and it shows.

 Frontier Carpenter  Ron proves that the homegrown, carpenter/blacksmith of the past,is alive  
   and well today. Great work that has inspired me !

 The Village Carpenter Kari is amazing ! When I want to be inspired, I go visit what a truly gifted
   woodworker is capable of.

 Steamboat Arabia: A Historian's Blog   Elizabeth shares her affection for one of the greatest
   treasures in America. The Steamboat Arabia Museum in Kansas City.

 Minstrel Banjo  Where early banjo geeks go to learn and share. All fun, with no fretting !

 Peter Follansbee, joiner's notes 17th Century joinery beautifully executed.

 The Van Buren Boy's Blog  Documents a truly incredible project.

                                            Thanks for looking !