Hello and welcome to my blog. What I'm doing here is documenting my personal expression of "hands-on history" from a craftsman's perspective. I've been on this path for a large part of my life and it's taken me to some interesting and challenging places. I hope to share the processes and the historically inspired objects I've crafted along this journey into our past. This adventure has deepened my appreciation for past craftsmanship and the intelligence of common place things in Early America. Besides, now I have all this cool stuff to play (teach) with.

Jim Miller

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sad Day for California

     It's a sad day for California, as we have lost one of our beloved promoters. Huell Howser did more  to bring our State's history and culture to light than anyone else, with his "California's Gold" TV series. I'm  really going to miss his folksy style of journalism and honest enthusiasm. He was amazing!

                                              Rest in peace.

                                              Huell Howser
                                                1945 - 2013